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Kotzia Square

The public wireless network with free access to the Internet (WiFi public hotspot) in the center of Athens, in Kotzia Square, operates since 1/10/2007. The "Public Wireless Internet Access in Athens" network as is the full name, or briefly athenswifi, is a wireless broadband connection to the Internet, based on the 802.11b/g (WiFi) protocol. It was developed to promote the idea of broadband and other relative wireless technologies. The Internet access is free to all citizens during pilot operation of the network (18 months), provided they have appropriate terminals, such as a laptop or a handheld computer (PDA) that support WiFi.

Detailed usage statistics of Kotzia Square

Number of connected users:
Total users since the beginning of the project:
Total connections since the beginning of the project:
Total data transferred:
5.179 GB

Broadband usage chart of Kotzia Square

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The project has been included in OP Information Society, financed by the E.E. and implemented by the Computing Systems Laboratory of ICCS - NTUA.

Special thanks go to:
Ministry of Economy and Finance
City of Athens
Ethnikon & Panathinaion cafe
More contributors...